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Our mission is to provide students with the opportunity to technologically innovate solutions for various issues within our communities. We want to challenge each and every student to create something extraordinary, to truly shape the community they reside in, and be rewarded for the change they create.


  • Age Group: High-school student in grades 9 through 12.
  • Countries: Any.
  • Participants: Teams of up to four; individuals may join to find teammates.
  • Location: Anywhere with an internet connection.

Hackathon Sponsors


$3,070 in prizes

Amazon Gift Card & College Consulting Credits

1st Place Prize-
$1500 in college consulting credits at Angela Sun consulting (6 total hours)
$200 amazon gift card or equivalent in prizes (such as an Echodot each member)
*subject to change

Amazon Gift Card & Art of Problem Solving Gift Card

2nd Place Prize-
$100 Art of Problem Solving shop gift card
$150 amazon gift card or equivalent in prizes
*subject to change

320 GB Hard Drive

3rd Place Prize- Premium 320 GB hard drive for all team members
*subject to change

EchoAR Business Plan

3 month business tier EchoAR ($90/month)
Could qualify for $50 amazon gift card
*subject to change

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Calix Huang

Calix Huang
Founder of Hours (acquired by Fiveable) | Lead Project Manager at Fiveable | Fellow at On Deck (ODC1)

Dorothy Luo

Dorothy Luo
CS Student at Purdue University

Ryan Papetti

Ryan Papetti
Data Engineer for Copperstate Farms

David Medvedik

David Medvedik
League of Judges - Major League Hacking

Sergey Golitsyn

Sergey Golitsyn
Senior Software Engineer in Zillion Whales

Judging Criteria

  • Practicality
    The project correctly provides an outstanding solution to their chosen issue. If this project were to be implemented in the community, it will have a significant and lasting impact.
  • Implementation
    The project is fully or almost functional (80%-100%) and functions as intended/ completes the tasks needed to tackle their issue.
  • Design
    The design is appealing to the eye. Nothing standing out can hurt or strain peoples' eyes (ex. flashing lights, poor choice in text color). An elderly person would have no trouble figuring their way around.
  • Presentation
    The team has clearly practiced, shown teamwork skills, and evenly divided the talking amongst members. The team has shown their efforts by clearly and concisely explaining what their project is focused on, what it is, and how it solves their chosen issue.
  • Creativity
    The project tackles a not widely known issue within their community and brings awareness to the issue. The project brings a new perspective to the problem and can greatly benefit the community if implemented.

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